The man behind the iconic initials; born in Inverness, Scotland, in 1991, Christian MacLeod is an artist, designer, musician, professional golfer, creative director, and artistic director. Throughout his career, since the creation of the CM® brand at 16 years old, he has focused on the reinvention of the belt.

At the age of 16, with his only career plan to become a professional golfer, designing belts was just his hobby to take his belt designs to the golf course, to wear something different and to stand out from the other golfers. Christian turned professional at the age of 18, and after a successful year in competition, he was in a terrible accident. Four months in hospital and not being able to compete professionally in golf for 2 years; Christian decided to turn his back on his professional golf career and focus entirely on changing the international perception of belts.

His brand playbook consists of the items strategy beyond seasons. Items and not a collection; sustainable and modern; building seasonless icon products. Alongside CM® belt drops, you will experience special projects involving sub-brands WORN PROJECT & PLAY, with exclusive product collaborations that incorporate his belt principles and concepts.

CM® is a multi-platform creative endeavour, a space for his continuous experimentation. The main medium being belts yet he combines ideas of luxury, art, sport and music. CM® is essentially a vision with a real human behind it.

Since 2007, Christian MacLeod has expanded from his origins into a global community and belt institution; working with generations of artists, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers and writers who defied conventions and contributed to the unique art and identity of CM® belts.