CM® drop the Q2/2023 belt; inspired by our global lack to read instructions. We don’t often read instructions – sometimes for good reasons and other times, not so much. 

Q2/2023 consists of a trick, a note for you to read our instructions >> release buckles are a simple and convenient solution to repeatedly fasten and release belts. Through pressing the flash lock the buckle opens and separates. To reconnect the two sides, one click is enough to push the buckle back together >> but for the CM® release buckle, none of these rules apply. 

CM® belts are sold at and selected retail partners. This brand playbook consists of the items strategy beyond seasons. Items and not a collection; sustainable and modern; building seasonless icon products. 

Alongside CM® belt drops, you will experience special projects involving my sub-brands WORN PROJECT & PLAY, with exclusive product collaborations that incorporate my belt principles and concepts.