Inspired by true events, happening right now, across the world, in culture today, through personalities, through relationships, through social media, through your work life, through our double lives. Everyone has #DUPLICITY; some may call it something else to hide the two-facedness, dishonesty, falseness, the art of doubleness, but make no mistake if you are part of today's world you are surrounded by #DUPLICITY. If you're reading this, watching this, thinking that's not me, then I'm the guy to tell you different, I'm the guy that is going to explain it to you, through a belt.

Over the next 12 months, I want to stir up debate, talking to people, interviewing people and hearing stories about their state of being double. It is going to be a message to us all at a time where #DUPLICITY is at its highest with fear to show the real us behind the filters.

This campaign will generate honesty, meaning, chemistry and true identity with a great look inward of who we are and who we want to be. I have been living the creative life, observing and finding inspiration for this belt collection in the world. I am now taking a risk and listening to an inner voice. I want to translate today's feelings and truth into a belt so I can transmit that same feeling.

It's time to put ourselves on the line. I called this collection #DUPLICITY because it is a long look backward and a deep look inward into everything we are. I want to change things within my life; It's wanting to be more present, more soulful, and more humble. It's the way sometimes moments in our lives change things forever, and I hit a moment of change.

Ten years ago, I couldn't have designed this campaign. Ten years ago, everything was about forward movement. About taking risks. About trying new things. I didn't look behind me. I didn't care about what was behind me. I cared only about what lay ahead. Now I'm older. I've designed more belts. I've designed more campaigns. I'm still doing new things, taking creative risks. I have space within myself to look back, to see where I was, to appreciate what I am still learning and to reflect on the beliefs and values I am bringing with me as I move into the future. 

What I understand now is that there isn't just one thing I am. There isn't just one thing I want to become. Every time I design a belt, I always want it to tell a new story. I want to explore different aspects from the last. I want to explore different parts of myself. What you see in my belts may not be what you would expect from me, and it may not even be what I ever expected to create myself. But when you see it, feel it, try it on, you'll get it, just like when I see it, feel it, try it on, I got it. 

That's what happens when you forget about labels and look into yourself and make something you love. That was something I had to learn. I want you to see me, just like I want to see you. The other side of me, the other side of you, the other side of us.